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This Could Be Serious

Shanell can't believe it a year has passed and Paul is still here right by her side they been through so much from the drama an stalking but at the end he made it right to her heart! Paul is so in love marriage has been on his mind lately children too but with shanell having her career going is she ready for that? This could be serious ... TBC @CedesssssMalo

Sunday, December 2, 2012

On The One

Good evening genies and gyspies!!! This is the mother of all chapters previously written, and the beginning to a beautiful new start. This chapter is long overdue, but all worth the wait!! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I had writing it.

Ch. 23

Shanell wakes up and turns to her side. She sees Paul is not lying next to her so she's gets up, slips on her slippers. She grabs her robe and begins to walk down stairs

Paul's in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Shanell says there you are! Paul says good morning my love

You sure do know your way around the kitchen Shanell says

Paul smiles and says look what I cooked for you baby

Shanell says hmmm look what we have here!

Waffles, turkey bacon, egg whites, hash brown, biscuits, cottage cheese and yogurt with a glass of Orange juice

Your perfect babe

Paul *snickers*

Paul and Shanell sit down to enjoy their breakfast together

5 mins later Shanell cell phone begins to ring I'm sorry baby it's my assistant I have to take this

Shanell gets up from her seat and goes into the living room

She picks up the phone hey girl what's up?

What's up? Shanell you have a show tonight in Miami where are you?

Omg I forgot Damn let me hop in the shower and get dressed I'll call you when I'm at the airport

The assistant says Okay gypsy bye!

Bye! They both Hang up

Shanell thinks to herself damn I forgot I had a show but my pretty boy is here oh how I missed him it sucks I have to leave but I want to rock out tonight with my gypsies and genies...

Shanell walks back in the kitchen. She walks up to Paul to give him kisses I'm sorry baby I have a show in 

Miami tonight we have to cut this short

Paul says it’s alright my love I'll see you when you get back Paul sits down to finish his breakfast

Shanell walks up stairs to hop in the shower an hour later

Shanell walks back down stairs with her bags. Paul walks up to her and lays a big kiss on her lips

Shanell giggles

Paul grabs her bags then grabs Shanell hand and walks her to her car

Shanell says I'll see you tonight let yourself out. Paul says will do let me go shower now I have a lot of work to do see you soon baby

Paul gives Shanell a big hug and kisses her neck. Shanell giggles again. Paul laughs as Shanell gets in her car and pulls off

Paul walks back in the house he sees Shanell has an extra key on the table he puts it in his pocket then goes up stairs to take a quick shower

Hours have passed and a busy Paul has been running errands all day. Finally back to Shanell’s house, he lets himself in with the spare key from earlier.

45mins later he hears his phone ring he goes to see who it is its Shanell he answer with a quick hello baby

Shanell says hey baby I'm at the airport, my friend is driving my car back to the house you still there?

Paul says yes I was dropping off the spare key and heading back out.

Shanell says okay leave the door unlocked; I'll see you soon hunny

Paul says okay wifey I love you!

Shanell giggles wifey? I love you too

Paul says yes I want you to be mine forever

Shanell says aww bye hubby

Paul smiles through the phone bye wifey

Paul grabs a black bag and heads out the door

Paul sits in his car for a min thinking what can I do to show her my love even more ... I got it!

Paul pulls up to Publix super market a grocery store he plans to make a big dinner for Shanell when she gets back its going to be a sexy night he says

He walks in the grocery store already knowing what he wants seafood is always the best choice he says

He walks by and sees lobsters and shrimps he grabs two lobsters and gets a big bag of shrimp. He knows she loves apple martinis, so he gets her the mix to make her apple martinis all night. Paul also grabs fettuccine pasta

Now for the sexy part he says he grabs strawberries pineapples cherries and white chocolate

Now that he's done grocery shopping, on to the next stop


Paul makes one more stop to Wal-Mart. He gets the things he needs and heads back to Shanell's house

He pulls up to Shanell’s house to see the maid taking out the trash. He parks the car and goes up to the maid hey Vanessa do you have the chefs number? He asked

Vanessa says yes but which one Juan or Alex?

I'll take both Paul pulls out his cell phone while Vanessa tells him their phone numbers

Paul puts his phone in his pocket then goes to his car to get the bags out Vanessa says let me take that go into the house and relax I'm glad your back Shanell has told me so much about you!

Paul smiles you must tell me everything!

Vanessa giggles I can't just know she thinks you’re an amazing guy

Paul is in aww mode because now he knows Shanell was thinking about him the way he was thinking about her

Paul and Vanessa walk inside the house together

Paul looks at the time omg it's already 6 o'clock Vanessa could you call Alex and Juan over I have to get everything started

Vanessa says okay will do she goes in the back room to make her calls 10 mins later she comes out the back and says their on the way!

Paul tells Vanessa thank you I'm going in the shower when they get here please have them start the food 

Shanell will be here in 3 hours

Vanessa says your welcome will do!

An hour later Paul comes out the shower to smell the amazing food cooking he's so excited to see Shanell and to have a romantic night together

Paul stands in front of the mirror brushing his teeth then He rinsing out his mouth with Mint mouthwash

Paul puts on his boxers and then his white tee he walks out the bathroom brushing his hair

He walks upstairs to put on his three-piece suit

He thinks to himself I'm ready looking good Paul goes downstairs to set everything up he grabs his black bag on the couch

Pulls out pink and white candles, White and pink roses some white wine and puts it on ice

Paul places a white Rug in front of fireplace and turns it off

He goes into the kitchen to check on everything. Stunned Vanessa couldn’t believe how handsome Paul looked dressed up. Oh my goodness. You look amazing Mr. Walker!

Paul blushes thank you Vanessa do you think she will like it?

She will LOVE it says the maid. If you don’t mind, could I add some advice?

Sure go ahead

Vanessa starts. If you want to make this night really special, I know an Italian chef who specializes in the most romantic foods. That way you can focus on looking handsome and setting the ambiance while he and his team prepare the food.

Paul asks oh really? What’s his name? is he available tonight?

His name is Donatello, and he’s really good. Let me make a few phone calls and see!

30mins later Vanessa comes back ecstatic great news Mr. Walker I explained our current situation and he said he would be happy to come over for the night.

Paul gives her a big hug that’s awesome thanks Vanessa I owe you big

Paul goes back to the couch where his black bag is at and pulls out a sexy red dress with some knee high black boots

He whispers this is for Shanell I can't wait to see her in it! Hearing movement in the kitchen he runs back in to see what's going on

Vanessa says Mr. Walker I would like you to meet Donatello, and his crew members Liana and Sergio

They all greet each other and shake hands

I'm really excited you all made it here says Paul

Anything for an old friend Donatello says as she hugs Vanessa

Well I'm going to go and leave you guys to your work Paul leaves

Paul's phone begins to ring in his pocket, it's Shanell. Hey wifey, are you close?

She giggles yes honey, we're pulling into the driveway now Paul says ok awesome

Paul rushes back to the front of the house to stand by the door; that way he's the first thing she sees when she walks in

Hearing the car pull up Paul becomes anxious. Man I hope everything goes great he thinks to hmself

Hearing her footsteps get closer to the door, the doorknob begins to turn

As she slowly opens the door a smile comes upon her face as Shanell sees all the petals and lit candles.

"What's all this for" she asks Paul as he walks towards her to the front door.

"It's my way of showing appreciation" he guides her down the corridor to her room upstairs.

"I picked out and outfit for you to wear this evening." Paul shows her the dress and boots

"Oh my gosh! I love it! Let me freshen up really quick and I'll meet you down stairs" Gypsy kisses his cheek as she rushes into the bathroom.

Paul heads back down stairs to check on things and to calm his nerves. Thirty minutes later, a sexified Shanell exits her room. Captured by her natural beauty, he couldn't help but be in a trance as she walked down the stairs.

"You look beyond beautiful my love" he takes her hand in his as he guides her down the corridor to the dining area.

"Thank you sweetie" He leads her to the candle-lit table.

He slides her seat out from under the table and motions for her to sit there.

Impressed, Gypsy doesn't hesitate to obey the request. She clears her throat as she begins.

"This is really nice. You know u didn't have to"

"I know, but I wanted to." He replies sitting across from her. "I've missed you these past few months."

Gypsy blushes "I missed you too."

"I just want to start over. Can we do that?" He reaches for her hand, holding it with both of his.

"Yes" she responds "I would like that".

A bigger smile grew on her face as she prepared herself for their romantic evening. The chef comes walks in and introduces himself.

"Good evening. My name is Donatello, I have prepared an exquisite meal for the two of you tonight. To compliment my creations, i chose a vintage merlot. Hope you enjoy!" he says. The chef pours their first glass and leaves the bottle in the ice bucket next to the table.

He claps his hands and two workers walk out with their meals on the tray. They place the appetizer on the table and removes the lids as the chef begins again.

"To start off, we have my rendition of oriental salad with mandarin oranges and raisins. I made a light citrus basalmic vinaigrette." The workers unravel their napkins and place them in their laps. "Hope you enjoy as I finish the main dish." In an instance the chef and his workers are gone.

"This looks really good!" Shanell says as she gets ready to take a bite.

"Yea, it tastes great." Paul replies. A few moments pass by and light conversation fills the room as they enjoy their starter meal. Shortly after the two workers arrive again with their trays. They take up the salad bowls and place their meals in its place. The chef walks up behind and introduces his lovely creation.

"How was the starter?" Donatello asks.

"We loved it" they say in unison.

"Ahhhhh, meraviglioso! Well I hope you enjoy the main course just as much." The workers remove the lid. "This is Mostaccioli with Roasted Tomato and Garlic. I decided to go the healthier route and use wheat pasta. Hope you enjoy!" And in the blink of an eye they have vanished yet again.

They begin to dig in and carry on the light banter from the previous meal. Thirty minutes later and a whole meal gone, the two are full and satisfied.

"Oh my gosh..." Shanell whispers.

"What's wrong? You don't like it?" Paul began to he nervous.

"No, everything's perfect. I guess I'm just shocked. You went through so much tonight." A small tear runs down her face. A few moments later a few more run down.

Paul's moves closer to wipe them off her face. He holds her hand while doing so.

"I did this because I want to make it right. I care about you never stopped. Shanell..." He hesitates then looks down.

"Wat it is?" She asks nervously. Paul takes a deep breath as he stares into her eyes.

"I love you. I'm in love with you Shanell..." Gypsy's jaw drops. "These past few months have been hell. I've wanted to to call you but I figured you wouldn't answer. I thought about you everyday." He pulls her close as be opens up his heart to her.

"I don't know what to say." A mixture of emotions filled her heart.

"You don't have to say-" before he knew it gypsy pulled him even closer and gave him the most passionate kiss he's ever felt.

"It's crazy you say that because...I love you too" they both smile as they look into each other's eyes. Donatello reappears and asks if the two was ready for dessert.

"I think we'll take it to go" gypsy replies.

"Alright. I'll have them plate it to go now." He chuckles. "It was my pleasure serving you. Hoped you two enjoyed the Donatello experience!" He and the workers shook gypsy and Paul's hands as they prepared to leave the house.

Once the chef and his staff were gone, they both went upstairs to finish the rest of their romantic evening. Reaching the top of the stairs, gypsy stops and looks into his eyes. He wraps his arms around her and leans in to kiss her. Without hesitation, their lips collide into one another. They slowly try to make it into gypsy's room but something catches her eyes.

"Oh...my..." Her jaw drops. Paul walks up behind her and holds her waist.

"I didn't want to overdo it but I figured you needed to relax and unwind." Rose petals and candles filled the room. A trail of petals led to the bathroom where a freshly ran bubble bath was done. "Tonight, I'm gonna cater to you"

He leaves her in the bathroom to get undressed and in the tub. She signals for his entrance by a light knock on the door. "Ready for a bath massage?" Gypsy shakes her head yea in awe.

He takes the bath sponge along with lavender bath soap and begins to wipe her body. Still showing respect, he's careful to make sure he doesn't make the wrong move. At this point gypsy is in pure heaven. Her eyes are closed as he caresses her from head to toe. He leads a trail of kisses down her leg to her thigh as he washes that as well. Once finished, he takes the sponge and gently rinses her body off trying to not get her hair too wet. He reached for a towel so she can wrap up in it.

"How the hell did u manage to do all of this?" she asks.

"Ive been planning it for a while. So i decided after our talk to put my plan into action." He leads her to her closet where he has laid out her clothes to wear.

"Thanks for everything. Tonight was special." She gives him a hug trying not to let her towel fall.

"You're very welcome my love. Here's your clothes. Let me know when you have them on so that I can tuck u into bed" he goes to leave but Shanell stops him.

"I don't think that would be necessary" she pulls him close and begins to kiss him intensely. Holding her close, he wraps his arms around her waist.

As she leads him to the bed, she pauses for a second. Biting her lips she slowly turns around "Now it's my turn to cater to you..." She takes his shirt off and starts kissing him. They both aid in the unbuttoning of his pants as she throws him on the bed while Would U Mind by Janet Jackson plays in the background

Slowly unraveling her towel, she climbs on top of him and leaves a trail of kisses up and down his body. Seeing her glowing skin Paul couldn't help but be in awe of such a natural beauty.

They continue to kiss and caress each other as he moves his hands to the inside of the towel feeling her warm, damp skin. He flips he over as she continues to unfasten his pants and pull them down.

As the passion grows, he begins to kiss her cheek, then neck, shoulders, until he reaches her breasts. Shanell bites her lip a little harder as he continues to lick, suck, and caress her nipples. He then kisses her further down until he reaches her inner thighs. "Mmmmmm" gypsy whispers in ecstasy.

As he gets closer to her button, he wraps his arms around her thighs. Gypsy grips the sheets as he goes to work with the flick of his tongue, playing with her button in more ways than one. "Ahhhhh shit! Don't stop!" He moves his tongue up, down, around in circles, making sure to tease the button in every way possible.

As he comes back up he pulls down his boxers to reveal is stiff manhood while opening the golden wrapped condom. Impressed, Shanell sits up and pulls him onto the bed.  Paul steadies her hips as she starts to mount him, slowly moving up and down going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Loving the feeling of her tight womanhood, he couldn't help but to close his eyes while she took control of the situation. "Ahhhhh damn girl" he cooed as she rode him.

"You like?" She asks.

"Hell yea" he responds in a tone of lust.

"Tell me how u want it daddy" she leans down to kiss his lips, neck and chest as her rhythm speeds up. "My goal is to please you." Hearing her speaking in such a sexy tone sent chills through his body.

"I want it all" gently tapping her on her butt, she gets up as he changes positions. Bending her over the edge of the bed, he slowly works his fingers around her button to keep her aroused. "Would u mind?" She lets out a slight smile as she shook her head no. Stroking his manhood he enters her from behind and begins to pound her womanhood.

"Fuck! Deeper!" She moans. He starts to thrust harder, hitting her g-spot. He watches their shadows dance in the candle light as he goes to work on her womanhood. He slides his hand down to her button to play wit it a little more. Feeling her inner walls begin to tighten, he knew it was a matter of time before she was to climax.

"Now tell me how you want it babe?" Knowing she was loving every minute of their sexual encounter , he wanted to prove to gypsy that she was the only woman for him. Both bodies were dripping with sex and sweat.

"Surprise me baby!" Turning her around, he places her in the middle of the bed lying her on her back. She moaned softly. He placed her legs around is waist as he entered her. "I love you Shanell. I'm in love with you." he whispers in her ear.

"I love you too baby!" Digging her nails into his back she could feel her climax approaching. "You feel so good! Please don't stop!" She whimpers.

"Your wish is my command babe" with every moan he goes deeper and harder.

"Aaaahhhhhh, fuck! I'm about to....." Her walls are getting tighter and tighter. She can no longer hold it.

"Don't stop! Say it babe!" Her voice right now was the sexiest thing he's ever heard. It sent chills down his body. His manhood began to stiffen the more as he began to feel the climax coming.

"Oooooooo, Paul....I'm abt to come" her saying his name drove him crazy.

"Say my name" he pounds her womanhood faster and faster until the both climax.

"Oooooohhhhhhhh, Paul!!!" Layin their worn out and sweaty, Paul rolls over as he tries to catch his breath. The two lie there for a few seconds before snuggling up under the sheets.

"Paul..?"gypsy starts as her breathing rate stabilizes.

"Yes my love?"

"Thank you...for everything." She lays her head on his chest as she listens to his rapid heart beat.

"You're welcome. It was my pleasure" he holds her close as he kisses the top of her head. They both yawn as sleepiness begins to set in.

"I'm in love with you too" she says before slowly drifting into slumberland. Paul looks as her in shock. He didn't realize she heard him say that. A smile begins to run across his face as he joins his beautiful woman in dream world.

TBC ;P hope you guys liked it!
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CH. 22 Nobody's Bitch Pt. 2

Okay guys, if you loved part one get ready for part two!! It took a while to write this chapter but it's a lot to reveal. Hope you guys enjoy it!!!

Shanell and Alyssa look at Officer Torres. 

Shanell not knowing exactly what to say she just stands there with Montrice by her side. Seeing her friend shivering, she quickly goes inside to get the throw blanket and wraps it around Gypsy.

As Montrice starts to speak Alyssa interrupts by walking up to Officer Torres looking at him dead in the face and says “I know you. I know exactly who you are!!!”

“What's that?” Says Officer Torres.

Officer Torres looks at Alyssa with so much confusion in his face.

“WAIT A MINUTE!!! Does your name happen to be Alyssa?” he asks.

Alyssa says, “Your Paul Walkers uncle aren't you???” 

Officer Torres begins to look at Alyssa with an angry expression upon his face.

Officer Torres says, “I know exactly what is going on now!!!”

“Alyssa you been stalking my nephew for years we were looking for you it's about that time placed your hands behind your back.” Officer Torres begins to handcuff her as the other police read her right to her. 

Alyssa begins to scream “No, no, no!!! No way I'm not going anywhere not until I see Paul please let me see him one last time.”

“Okay chill out,” says Officer Torres. “I'm calling him now.”

*Phones Rings*

“Hello Paul, there is an issue over here at this residence that has to do with you I need you over here quickly.”

“Hey Uncle, what’s this all about?” Paul asked. 

Officer Torres then begins to ask the young lady what her name was.

She says Shanell. 

Then Officer Torres says, “It has to do with two ladies Shanell & Alyssa.”

Paul says “What? I'm on my way NOW!"

Thirty minutes later, Paul pulled up in his car. As walked to the door, Officer Torres finished collecting all the info for the report. He walks up to them and sees Shanell standing there shivering in the nightly winds. He turns his head to see Alyssa sitting in the back seat of the squad car handcuffed.

“Thanks for calling me Uncle.” He shakes the officer’s hand as he turned to face Shanell.

“No problem nephew. Well I have all the information I’m going to need. We’ve been looking for her for quite some time. This isn’t the first time she’s done something like this.”

The officer closes his note pad and proceeds to walk back to his car. “With this much evidence she won’t be harassing anyone anytime soon” He gets into the car and drives off with he partner. Nervously, he greets Shanell, not knowing how she would respond.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” he asks.

“A little better.” Gypsy replies, holding the blanket close to her cold body.

“Thanks for being here Montrice.” He nods his head in respect.

“That’s my job. I don’t take it lightly.” She says while trying to hold her emotions back. Remembering she has a meeting in the morning, she looks at her watch. “It’s getting late, I’m about to head out. Shanell did you want me to stay over?” she asks hoping she would say yes.

“No, I’m fine. Go ahead, I’ll be ok” she gives her a big hug as she sighs.

“Ok, well call me if you need ANYTHING! And I mean it!” she looks at her sternly.

“I will” Montrice hops in her car and fades in the distance. Just then, Gypsy motions to Paul to come in the house. “Are you coming in or no?” without hesitation, he follows her lead into the corridor. She walks into the living room as they both sit on the couch. An awkward silence filled the room for a little while. A few moments later, Paul starts.

“I just want to start by apologizing..”

“It’s ok, I’m just happy they finally got the bitch” Gypsy looks down at her cold feet and tucks them under the blanket.

“No, I mean for everything. The crazy chick, how I stormed off and treated you. I wasn’t thinking clearly.” He scoots closer, but not too close. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

Gypsy sighs, as that incident replays in her head. The emotions she felt that day became more and more vivid.

“It’s ok. I’m getting over it”

“But I’m not Shanell. Walking away from you was the biggest mistake I made and I want to make it up to you.” He reaches for her hand but she’s reluctant to reach back.

“Why now? Why the sudden change?” she opens up. “That day was one of the worst I’ve ever felt. My heart felt like it crushed into a million pieces. You weren’t the only one affected” she fights back the tears.

“I know and I regret ever doing that. You don’t have to take me back, but please just accept my apology.” A tear runs down his face. He really wanted to prove himself to her, even if it meant to start back at step one. He didn’t like to see the hurt he had caused the woman he loved and still loves.

“I do accept your apology.” She wipes his tear and grabs his hand. “So where do we go from here?” she asks.

“It’s up to you. But this time, I’m not going anywhere. I would like to start over if it’s ok with you.” He holds her hand tightly as their fingers interlock with one another.

“I would like that. But it’s not going to easy, you have to build my trust back. One day at a time.” They both smile. Paul kisses Shanell’s hand.

“Ok, I’m cool with that. Shanell I will not let you down.” He looks Gypsy dead in her eyes, as if to speak directly to her heart and soul.

“I hope not” Shanell gets up to give him a hug. He holds her tight, taking in her sweet smell. Feeling excited, he kisses the top of her head. “Well I’m headed to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow.”

“Ok. I will call you tomorrow, good night.” he heads for the door, but gypsy stops him.

“You can stay if you want. It doesn’t matter to me.” She starts to walk up the stairs.

“Yea, I’d like that a lot.” Another smile runs across his face as they both walk up the stairs to her room. She climbs into bed and gets under the sheets.

Out of respect for her, he tucks her in kisses her good night and goes to lye down in the other room. “There’s room here” she pats the other side of the bed.

“I didn’t want to intrude. But thanks.” He takes his shoes off and climbs in. Paul grabs the throw blanket and lays on top of the covers. Gypsy rolls over and lays down on his chest. Shortly after, she is in a deep sleep.

Holding her in his arms, he closes his eyes and drifts off as well.

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